Dear Clients, Associates and Others Privy Hereto:

On or about October 2011, our Founding Board of Directors sold-out our interests of HELD HARMLESS and HARMLESS Holdings Trust to a substantial private equities investment firm based out of the United Kingdom.  The sale was negotiated and took place as Mr. Baratta, the Founding Trustee, had been away from his corporate responsibilities on Personal and Medical Leave.  Nevertheless, the sale took place with a strict written agreement asserting the new organization will continue, grow and produce according to the terms and conditions of our Mission Statement.

Over the past several months, we have been in receipt of various complaints of non-performance and in spite of our warnings to correct the matter, we have not see nor found resolve in our Client’s favor.

With the above mentioned, please be advised that the Founding Board of Directors, headed by the Founder of the Organization, Mr. Anthony Baratta, have proceeded to reassume and take-back-over the organization (HELD HARMLESS and HARMLESS Holdings Trust) with the goal of correcting the performance issue, refunding enrollment fees and rectifying damages all of which will be processed under a Class Action Lawsuit against the United Kingdom based entity.

As a matter of keeping you well advised, a formal complaint has already been filed by Mr. Anthony Baratta and the Board of Directors and, further, a request to the governing bodies of the United Kingdom has been issued to seize assets for which to certify 100% satisfaction of damages by all parties.

If you have suffered any damages or have an open file with HELD HARMLESS and/or HARMLESS Holdings Trust, we are hereby asking of you to identify yourself and your position via email to:  Within your email, we ask for your Name, Contact Information, Transaction Details, Your Desired Action (continue to fund or receive a refund) and any other damages sustained by the non-performance.

Each email will create an OPEN CASE FILE and will be submitted to the Board of Directors and Mr. Baratta so that they may name your case in the Class Action Claim against the UK Private Equity Firm.

On behalf of the Founder, Mr. Anthony Baratta, TTEE, and our Board of Directors, we sincerely apologize for the lost time, damages and inconvenience.  They are working diligently on correcting the problem and making each person whole.

Eric Silver, Chief Investigator
HARMLESS Holdings Trust